1. HiI currently have the free vireson installed but when I look at the results it’s giving me the results for all the questionnaires completed merged together with an average score as opposed to the invidivual results I need for each person who completes the questionnaire. Is it possible to have them individually please? In the user data section of the results page entitled users answers if two people have completed the questionnaire it will give me both their responses but without identifying who said what and then at the bottom of the results page it will list both email addresses from the people the completed the questionnaire an average score from all their answers and the ip address of the last person to complete the questionnaire along with the tme and date they completed it.Also for some reason even though the box is checked it isn’t sending results to my admin email address.Thank you very much for your help!Sharon

  2. Thank you very much for just immediately posting my request. You are so fast and on time before I visit mac today :DThey all look soo prettty, especiially lipsticks. I will check the macs and I will regret we dont have gosh here in Turkey. So you don’t like shimmery glosses, like dazzles?Thanks again :))Berna

  3. Great job! You should contact me if you want to do some videos of some of the weddings I do – maybe you could sell them?? I also think the Flagler Tennis video is superb! the slow motion at the beginning and then the music is perfect when they start hitting the ball. Terrific job!

  4. whats gray and red and sits in a tree?an elephant with its toenails painted red. why do elephants wear red tennis shoes? so they can hide in the apple trees.why do elephants have flat feet? form jumping out of apple trees.whats red and withe and gray all over? campbells cream of elephant soup 1965ish?

  5. Thanks for posting your adventure, Fuzzy – you’ve given me inspiration to try one as well. I’ve only done an 8 hour Rally so far, but am thinking of trying the Minuteman next spring. I’d love to read a review of your trusty steed … I’ve got my eye on either Triumph or BMW when I’m ready to replace my Suzuki SV650s.

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