1. Ben

    Cyril Pearson / My PC has this problem and I folwloed the procedure listed here. On reboot the computer crashed and I had to go to the last best known configuration to boot up. The named filters are now missing from the regedit page, but are there if I access it via the search for file facility.Will soon shoot it or me!! One of us has to go!!

  2. No books should be banned, neither the Koran, nor Mein Kampf, nor the Communist Manifesto, as long as Spain claims to be a democracy. The Pakistani gentleman may be an apostate from Islam, but he's obviously not an apostate from Pakistani culture.I prefer to be able to be allowed to read whatever I wish to read. If I wasn't allowed to read the Koran myself, instead of just relying on reading MSM's officially sanctioned and benevolent interpretations of its "peace and tolerance", then I couldn't honestly be opposed to just about everything that's written in the Koran.

  3. enhorabuena….lo mereceis de verdad.no hace falta estudiar bbaa para ser artista, vosotros habeis CREADO un ser estético…una obra de arte compleja y muy dificil de mantener.espero que sigais asi mucho tiempo.

  4. An analysis released by the Trust for America’s Health has found that 12 States have obesity rates over 30%, with Mississippi leading the way at 34.9%. Obesity has contributed to a stunning rise in chronic disease rates and health care costs. It is one of the biggest health crises the country has ever faced. The good news is that we have a growing body of evidence and approaches that can help reduce obesity, improve nutrition and increase physical activity. Personal trainers play an important role in this.

  5. è da giorni che aspetto ispr a 0,90… sarà la volta buona…ciaoAltamente probabile, devi aspettare secondo me una chiusura sotto 0,945 per avere un’ obbiettivo a ribasso tra 0,91 e 0,88 con possibilità di arrivare a 0,82/0,835Ciao Grazia e ciao Zino

  6. Não sabe JP? Quando elas serão assentadas… eu te digo. É NUNCA! No ritmo que a coisa vai é nunca. Sem dinheiro e com uma massa de servidores sem fôlego e embotados que apanham dos "movimento", dos fazendeiros e do governo, é nunca meu velho.Ou reestrutura e moderniza o INCRA ou a miséria no campo nunca terá fim. #negociadilma

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